Amber’s Bucket List – The Sports Edition

Who am I kidding? Like I have any other kind of bucket list.

A while ago, I asked my Twitter followers and Facebook friends to tell me what’s on their sports bucket list. (If you live under a rock, that means the sports-related things they want to see or do before they die.)

I got a lot of great responses, but there were, of course, some common trends: Everyone wants to see their favorite team win a championship and everyone wants to go to some really cool stadiums. And one of my friends wants to dunk on Dikembe Mutombo.

So, in lieu of watching the most boring BCS National Championship game in the history of human competition, I’m finally going to compile MY sports bucket list.

(drum roll)

  • Watch the Miami Dolphins win a Super Bowl live. I may be a little old gray-haired, hunch-backed lady by the time this happens. But I don’t care. If I am 103 years old, my grandchildren better slop some war paint on my face and wheel my happy ass into the stadium. I DESERVE THIS! For my decades of misery. Damn it.
  • Attend a game at the New Yankee Stadium. Right after I graduated from high school in 2007, my mom drove me to NYC to see a game in the old Yankee Stadium. Being in that building was magical. The new one isn’t the same, I’m sure, but I feel like I have to experience it anyway. (Standing outside of it by the subway station does not count… see below).


  • Go to Cooperstown when Derek Jeter is inducted to the Baseball Hall of Fame. Because I am a lucky little woman, I got to see Dan Marino inducted to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2005. My dad, grandfather and uncle scooped me up from school, and we headed off to Canton. We went to all of the Hall of Fame events, went to a luncheon with Dan the Man, and I got to shake the hand that threw 420 touchdowns. So now I can’t wait to celebrate the HOF induction of “The Captain” (whenever that may be).
  • Watch a Miami Dolphins game from “The Deep End.” THESE LOOK LIKE THE FUNNEST PEOPLE EVER. So fun I start using words that aren’t words. They sit in a section of Sun Life Stadium behind a goal post. They dress like loonies, make crazy signs and paint their faces (and hair). They’re cheering during every home game. They are awesome, and I want to be one of them. I’m already planning my outfit…

Photo lifted from somewhere on the Google.

  • Chant “U-S-A” while watching the United States win an Olympic gold medal (live, of course). When I was in London reporting on the 2012 Summer Olympics, several people in my group decided to go the women’s soccer gold medal match. The United States won, and now my friends will forever have pictures and memories of themselves draped in an American flag, chanting and singing the National Anthem. And I will forever envy them for this. I watched in a pub because I had no monies for tickets. Must redeem myself.
  • See a football game in every single SEC stadium. As a Tennessee alumna, I have been to countless games in Neyland Stadium. But I’ve never actually ventured outside of Knoxville for a college football game. (Once I tried to buy tickets from scalpers in Nashville for a UT-Vanderbilt game. But the “no monies” thing foiled me again.) Anyway, there is NOTHING like a Fall Saturday in the South. And I want to get a taste of every tradition and every tailgate.
  • Watch Tennessee win a football AND basketball national championship. Our Lady Vols have won plenty. It’s time the men held up their end of the bargain. Can’t wait to sing “Rocky Top” at the top of my lungs for hours on end.
  • Join the Vol Navy. If you’re not familiar with the Vol Navy, I suggest you Google it. I want to rent a really big boat (or bring my own if, you know, I have one) and park it on the Tennessee River on a Thursday. I’ll party all weekend long with my fellow Big Orange boaters.
Vol Navy holding it down at Fort Neyland. (Photo also lifted from the Googles.)

Vol Navy holding it down at Fort Neyland. (Also lifted from the Googles.)

  • Storm the court/field. As of late, this practice seems to be frowned upon by police and stadium officials, and I think that’s a damn shame. I want to watch my underdog team (which is pretty much every single one of my teams) win a huge game, and I want to run out on the field/court like a raving lunatic. I want to be covered in confetti, running from security and screaming like I just won the lottery. With 20,000 of my closest friends.
  • Ride in a race car. Notice I said “ride.” Ain’t no way I am ever getting behind the wheel of something that moves faster than I can think. But I want to put on one of those sweet fire-retardant suits and huge helmets and let a professional drive me around the Indy Motor Speedway. I’d be like a kid in a candy store. Except I’d be an Amber in a race car… which is the same thing.
  • Go to an NFL game in the snow. So this might be a weird one. But I’m tired of stadiums with closed roofs. (“Boohoo. It’s 50 degrees. We don’t want our fans to get chilly and leave early.”) No. I want to go to Soldier or Lambeau and watch the game outside where it’s supposed to be played. I want to bundle up like an Eskimo and wrap myself in a big ol’ stadium blanket. I want to feel my little body freezing to the core and my hair laced with icicles …for the love of the game! And most importantly, I want to throw snowballs in the air when a team scores. And throw them at the field when the ref makes a bad call. Then, I’ll have to revert to the “running from security” skills that I gained when I stormed the field. Full circle.

So there you have it. Sports-related things I MUST do before I head to the big Super Bowl in the sky. Please note I reserve the right to randomly come up with other fantastic things to add to this list in later posts.

Leave me comments! I want to hear your sports bucket list!

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One thought on “Amber’s Bucket List – The Sports Edition

  1. snowvols says:

    I can’t believe you didn’t make any away games. I remember doing what I could for money at UT to go to Bama and UF. I actually find away games more fun than home games albeit I don’t go to many games at all now. You should try making the game at Autzen next year.

    I dug your list. Cooperstown when Jeter in introduced would be simply magical.

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